The Types of Security Systems That Can Protect Small Businesses

In a small business, security should always be a priority. The use of a security system allows you to track carbon monoxide levels and prevent burglaries so you can concentrate on running your business.

A well-rounded security plan should consist of the following systems that can be used together to ensure maximum protection.

Video Surveillance

The iWatcher Plus Video Surveillance System in your business’s security system serves a lot of purposes. It acts as a preventative measure, which discourages theft before it occurs. In the event of a crime, video footage can be used to identify suspects and provide evidence to support insurance claims. In addition, most security cameras can be accessed remotely via mobile devices or computers.

Installing security cameras can be done either as a single unit in a troublesome area or as a connected system for an overall view of your business.

Intrusion Detection

When a security breach occurs on a business’s premises, an intrusion detection system will sound an alarm. Whether it’s broken glass or carbon monoxide detectors going off during a forced entry, or smoke or heat detectors sounding off, this measure helps to alert local security services.

As a result, these devices are also effective burglary prevention techniques. The study of burglary habits found that 60% of burglars would go to another business if they saw an alarm at their initial target. Moreover, almost half of them reported retreating if the burglary attempt failed because of the alarm going off.

Access Control

Access to the business should be restricted or monitored so that employee theft can be decreased, as well as customers wandering into employee-only areas.

It might be necessary to change locks on a regular basis for added security if a physical key can be duplicated. The use of electronic access controls, however, such as key cards, fobs, or biometrics, cannot be duplicated, and they can act as an additional barrier against unauthorized entry.

Additionally, electronic controls can provide reports of the building’s access for the month, or schedule access for employees or cleaning crews, for example.

System Monitoring

Keeping track of the systems ensures that alarms reach the appropriate person at all times and prompt response. Through an appropriate alarm monitoring system, an alarm system can be connected directly to a central station, which is monitored around the clock, year-round through phone lines, the internet, or cellular networks. When an emergency occurs, local authorities and emergency response services will be notified.

Businesses in rural areas or isolated locations will benefit from this feature since it guarantees that their security needs will be met quickly and efficiently.

A Security System to Fit Your Needs

These small business security systems work well together and provide businesses with adequate protection. You can have a professional security technician Riverside CA help you identify the most relevant security concerns for your business in order to put together the most efficient combination of security systems for your business and peace of mind.