Technology Breakthrough and the Future of Solar Energy

Solar power, at NY Solar panel company continues to fuel the world towards a state of clean energy reliance. It’s the most abundant, efficient, and affordable source of power on the planet. For the past few decades, companies have been pouring countless dollars and man hours into research and development. This has led to some pretty amazing advancements in solar technology. And the future will undoubtedly hold many more.

That brings us to the big questions: “What is the future of solar energy?”. Some thought that it had reached its peak long ago. But we can clearly see today that it is steadily improving and will continue to do so. We are finding ways to harness more energy, to reduce manufacturing costs, and more efficient ways to store that energy until needed.

The Future Of Solar Cells

The cells themselves have seen significant changes over the years. The cells have traditionally been silicone crystal structures. But researchers are beginning to realize that there may be better materials available. One such material that is rising in popularity is the perovskite cell.

The perovskite cell is not currently more efficient than silicone in terms of energy conversion. On average, it produces the same or slightly less than a silicone cell of the same size. The big difference comes in the form of the price tag. Perovskite cells are fast and easy to make. This results in them costing only a fraction of the price of traditional silicon cells.

The cherry on top is that scientists are finding better ways to manufacture these cells. New manufacturing techniques implemented in labs have resulted in perovskite cells that perform 20 percent more efficiently than their silicone counterpart. All while still costing significantly less.

These new cells aren’t yet ready to hit the commercial market. But they will be in the near future. And when that happens you can rest assured that solar energy will be cheaper to obtain than ever before.

The Future Of Solar Energy As A Country

It’s not just the technology itself that will be advancing and changing in the future. It’s also how we think of, use, and rely on solar energy as a country that will change. Consider just ten years ago when it was rare to spot a massive solar farm or a rooftop covered with solar panels. Today, seeing such sites is part of everyday life for many people.

As the price of solar energy decreases thanks to emerging technologies like the perovskite cell the country becomes more acceptable to the idea of moving away from fossil fuels and toward clean energy. Prices have dropped by more than half over the past decade and we can expect that price to continue to decrease.

That means we’ll be seeing more and more solar homes because it makes economic sense. Even someone not at all interested in “going green” or helping the environment will be forced to acknowledge solar power as the ideal energy source. And finally, as a larger portion of the country buys into the solar market, it will lead to even more clean energy innovations in the future, thus continuing the cycle.