The Best Birth Classes For New Yorkers

Childbirth classes are worth going to because most women gathered their knowledge of childbirth from the histrionics shown in movies.  There are many different birth classes and Doula Concierge New York to choose from.  However, there are 4 types of classes that you should look into as they are the most popular and offer a lot of information.


There are many places that offer Lamaze birth classes for New Yorkers and this is due to a quarter of all expecting mothers going to this type of class.  In Lamaze classes, you will learn natural methods of dealing with delivery.  These methods include rhythmic breathing, massage, position changing, walking and hydrotherapy.  Most Lamaze classes encourage the partner to join as they will be able to help during labor.

The classes will cover approximately 12 hours and teach you what to expect during and after the delivery.  Contrary to popular belief, Lamaze is not anti-pain medication and during the classes, all your options will be covered.

The Bradley Method

The goal of these classes will be natural childbirth and approximately 90% of mothers who take these classes deliver without the help of medication.  The method taught in these classes focuses on self-awareness while emphasizing the need to relax.  Your partner will be encouraged to be an active participant in helping you deal with the stress of delivery.

The classes will cover 12 weeks and you will learn to tune into your body’s needs.  Breathing and relaxation techniques are also taught alongside proper nutrition and exercise for a healthy birth.

Alexander Technique

The Alexander technique is a general practice which has been adapted to suit expecting mothers.  The classes teach movement and posture techniques to release muscle tension.  The Alexander technique is designed to help your body adjust the changes caused by pregnancy through improving balance, coordination, and posture.

It is recommended that these classes be taken during the first trimester in order to receive the full benefits.  During the classes, you will also learn how to strengthen your pelvic muscles to prepare for birthing.


While the name does not inspire confidence, HypniBirthing is a god way to deal with labor pains.  This is a proven method that you should start learning by the end of your second trimester.  The method relies on the power of suggestion in order to help you relax and allow your muscles to work as they were meant to.

The classes will teach you visualizations and affirmations which you receive from your partner, therapist or recording which help decrease stress.  These affirmations are pairs with breathing techniques and meditation.

There are a number of different types of birthing classes that you can take.  Some of these classes should be taken in the first trimester while others can be taken later.  The most popular classes all encourage your partner to get involved in the techniques to ensure that your delivery is stress-free and natural.  Of course, it is important that you find a class that teaches a method you feel comfortable with.