How to clean your roof without killing yourself

Cleaning a roof can be hard for some but it could also be considered a easy task to perform to others. Before you start cleaning your roof you must know how to work on it safely and have protective measures set in place just in case you fall. Protective measures include roof brackets, a full body safety harness, and gripped shoes. Another great tip is to tie the ladder on the roof to keep it steady. If you follow the steps below then you will have a nice clean roof and hopefully no broken bones.

Step 1- Choose an appropriate day and make arrangements. 

Make sure things such as furniture, tables, chairs, and other backyard items aren’t in the way and can’t get wet or splashed with the overspray. Even if you don’t use toxic chemicals the runoff can be quite messy and this helps makes things go a little faster when you are done cleaning the roof. Look at the weather forecast and make sure to choose a cool day where there’s little or no wind. If you choose a cool day the chemicals can go deeply into the algae colonies and won’t evaporate too fast. Then you should fix the flashings, shingles, and clean out the downspouts and gutters. This will help them drain out better.

Step 2- Get your chemicals.

If you looked online, I’m pretty sure you saw thousands of other articles on roof cleaning methods and moss removal Portland Oregon, and think wow, i just need to have some household clorox bleach and a power washer that’s set on low to get the job done. Unfortunately, power washers can easily damage shingles. Chlorine bleach contains materials that can hurt the metal roof gutters, flashings, and even the downspouts! The runoff can kill plants and can change the color of your roof. Even though bleach can kill some of the algae a lot of the algae still stays. In short bleach does more harm than good. A good product to use is lye or Sodium hydroxide. These products are not as harmful to plants and is better for the environment. Try using noncorrosive products instead.

Step 3- Prepare the roof!

Dillute the product with water then pour it into a pump sprayer, put on your safety harness, tie it down then proceed climb up to the roof. Spray down the entire roof with water to and prevent the cleaner from dying out too fast. Then spray the cleaner into the shingles, wait for 20 minutes then rinse it off. If the stains aren’t too dark you can rinse off the cleaning product with a garden horse spayer. Make sure to go in slowly with even stokes otherwise you’ll wind up missing a few dirty patches. For darker stained roofs you should invest in a specialized water streaming product.

Step 4- Get cleaning! 

Saturate the areas of shingles with the product, start cleaning the bottom row then work up until you reach the peak. If any areas dry up just respray it.

Step 5- Drag the rinsing tool forward and back then blast away the algae colonies. 

Good luck with your roof cleaning with JNR Industries products! Stay safe and remember to follow all the safety procedures and use common sense. Were you successful with your roof cleaning? What products did you use? Tell us in the comment section below and don’t forget to drop us a like!