Cloud Storage Solutions for CCTV Devices

A CCTV system that is equipped with adequate cloud storage performs the best.

It is possible to save a great deal of data easily and affordably with a cloud storage facility.  To guarantee the safety of our assets, we need to continuously monitor them. There is a growing market for CCTV or video surveillance systems. Modern security systems in today’s time, because of ever-changing technology, offer low-risk burglaries, crimes, and disasters for businesses and homes.

We often put so much time and thought into choosing a CCTV System Riverside CA that we overlook some critical factors that are equally important to our safety and security. It is possible to monitor your assets remotely by using CCTVs. There are a number of brands and models available in the market.

Looking at conventional methods, only external devices (mainly DVDs) could be used for storage. In any case, CCTV works best if it has adequate cloud storage capabilities.

Technology advancements are providing modern security systems with unlimited cloud storage options. There are already a number of manufacturers who are designing and selling security systems that integrate cloud storage so that the footage can be accessed via a smartphone. Although the cloud storage service provider offers a monthly or yearly plan of membership, it doesn’t provide adequate limits on backing up or storing footage every day.

In times of increasing crime, not only does your home or business need an effective security system, but you also need a backup storage system. With cloud storage, a large amount of data can be saved easily and affordably. 

How the Cloud Storage System Works

The cloud has become the backbone of any video surveillance system. Networks of interconnected servers allow users to access data anywhere in the world since data can be stored centrally. Virtually all data can be saved to the cloud storage system, which can be shared with anyone at any time.

Several cloud storage options are available to you and may even be used by you, but they are known as a great way to store and back up your basic files and images. However, video security systems offered by cloud storage specifically offer highly secure data storage and backup facility with 100% private data storage.

Cloud Storage Offers Security

Using a DVD or smartphone to store CCTV footage is associated with various risks such as misplacing the DVD or smartphone, theft, and damage, among others. Therefore, storing the recording on a cloud provides far greater security than any other conventional option.

Cybercriminals are also present today and can hack into the cloud, it is often stated. Yet, many technology companies who are setting up this facility have set up their own dedicated data security teams.

Effective in Accessibility

It is extremely difficult to store footage on a device outside the computer. It takes daily effort to copy and paste the files on the device, which is also difficult to carry around. Thus, cloud storage is gaining importance due to its ability to provide easy access to recordings from anywhere with an internet connection.

The advantage of cloud storage is that it comes with an automatic backup feature that makes sure all of your files can be accessed instantly, so you don’t have to worry about not updating your backup.

Cloud computing and cost-effectiveness

The cost of obtaining a new external hardware device every time the previous device is full is reduced when using cloud storage. At incredibly low monthly fees, it is a perfect solution to store a huge amount of data.

Moreover, backing up a recording on hardware does not provide a cost-efficient backup solution, as it requires manual creation and has its own maintenance costs. Cloud storage, on the other hand, offers a lot of data storage space, with flexible plans and automatic backups.

Disaster Recovery

Think beyond theft and robbery!

Occasionally, a natural disaster or an act of human devastation occurs as well. How will you be able to recover video footage if a fire destroys all CCTV and computer systems at a building?

Therefore, the iWatcher Plus Cloud Storage facility plays an important role in storing footage in a centralized location that can be accessed by any computer, laptop, or smartphone device.

The Types of Security Systems That Can Protect Small Businesses

In a small business, security should always be a priority. The use of a security system allows you to track carbon monoxide levels and prevent burglaries so you can concentrate on running your business.

A well-rounded security plan should consist of the following systems that can be used together to ensure maximum protection.

Video Surveillance

The iWatcher Plus Video Surveillance System in your business’s security system serves a lot of purposes. It acts as a preventative measure, which discourages theft before it occurs. In the event of a crime, video footage can be used to identify suspects and provide evidence to support insurance claims. In addition, most security cameras can be accessed remotely via mobile devices or computers.

Installing security cameras can be done either as a single unit in a troublesome area or as a connected system for an overall view of your business.

Intrusion Detection

When a security breach occurs on a business’s premises, an intrusion detection system will sound an alarm. Whether it’s broken glass or carbon monoxide detectors going off during a forced entry, or smoke or heat detectors sounding off, this measure helps to alert local security services.

As a result, these devices are also effective burglary prevention techniques. The study of burglary habits found that 60% of burglars would go to another business if they saw an alarm at their initial target. Moreover, almost half of them reported retreating if the burglary attempt failed because of the alarm going off.

Access Control

Access to the business should be restricted or monitored so that employee theft can be decreased, as well as customers wandering into employee-only areas.

It might be necessary to change locks on a regular basis for added security if a physical key can be duplicated. The use of electronic access controls, however, such as key cards, fobs, or biometrics, cannot be duplicated, and they can act as an additional barrier against unauthorized entry.

Additionally, electronic controls can provide reports of the building’s access for the month, or schedule access for employees or cleaning crews, for example.

System Monitoring

Keeping track of the systems ensures that alarms reach the appropriate person at all times and prompt response. Through an appropriate alarm monitoring system, an alarm system can be connected directly to a central station, which is monitored around the clock, year-round through phone lines, the internet, or cellular networks. When an emergency occurs, local authorities and emergency response services will be notified.

Businesses in rural areas or isolated locations will benefit from this feature since it guarantees that their security needs will be met quickly and efficiently.

A Security System to Fit Your Needs

These small business security systems work well together and provide businesses with adequate protection. You can have a professional security technician Riverside CA help you identify the most relevant security concerns for your business in order to put together the most efficient combination of security systems for your business and peace of mind.

Advantages of Commercial Access Control

Multiple locks and proximity devices are connected to a centralized management platform to streamline access control security. Unified management platforms can provide real-time reports on who enters locations and when and can be remotely programmed. Automatic locks and a range of access control devices are used to lock and unlock the doors, from simple proximity locks to access card readers and advanced biometric scanners.

Organizations use access control to provide an added layer of security by managing user permissions at entry points and entry times. During off-hours, for example, a company might block access. The business facility can also permit staff and visitors to enter through main entrances, but restrict access to areas that need special authorization. A strong security program will boost corporate accountability, and in general, they are highly effective.

Commercial security solutions require significant investment; why should my company consider them?

Improved Security

The concept of electronic access control originated as a way to improve security. A proximity card, an entry code, or biometric input are not easily duplicated like traditional keys. They are unique and can be traced back to each user.

Access control allows you to monitor what’s going on at your business’s entry points instantly. When someone enters with an electronic key, it is logged in the system. Using this feature, your organization can investigate criminal activity such as theft, trespassing, and vandalism.

Business owners and managers use access control systems used by business owners and managers to restrict access to restricted areas to only authorized personnel during set hours. Additionally, they can use it to permanently remove a staff member’s access in case of termination without having to reissue cards for everyone. It is possible to block access permissions when an access card is lost or misplaced. A new access code can then be issued. It is no longer necessary to rekey the building or change all the locks.


Keyrings no longer have to be bulky and cumbersome for users. Changing the permissions associated with a key card or entry code can grant certain employees access to specific areas inside the building. With just one quick swipe, they can get around easily.

Management of permissions  using Commercial Access Control Riverside CA can be managed remotely, which makes it easier to grant access to users. If delivery occurs after hours or on weekends, the door can be unlocked without even coming in.

Employee Payroll Made Efficiently

An access control system integrated with payroll software can save time and money. Access Data can be used to enter timecards automatically instead of manually. Delinquency will become less of an issue as a result. All employees have their arrival and departure information automatically recorded, including those who leave for lunch. Consequently, payroll processing is quicker, and employees are more likely to arrive on time.


Your business can benefit from custom-designed, custom-installed access control systems. These are flexible solutions. You can program access permissions for individual users, days and times when entry is restricted, and settings for certain doors and entry points to meet your specific needs.

Less consumption of utility resources

Energy savings are supported by advanced access systems that work together and are automated. When a room or area is not occupied, they can be programmed to turn off the lights and turn down the heating or air conditioning.

8 Benefits of Cloud Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance on the cloud, simply put, means all video you record is cloud-based and is accessed through the Internet. In the past, video surveillance systems were primarily used to deter crime. Nowadays, however, there is a wide range of applications. They include proactive monitoring, the observer of health and safety protocols, and protection against false claims and fraud, among others.

The video surveillance services we deliver need to evolve along with the changing needs of our customers. Discover why a cloud-based video surveillance system can be both the right and most cost-effective choice for you and your customers in the following paragraphs.

 Benefits of cloud video surveillance for security  professionals

Choosing the cloud as a security solution means a win-win for both your customers and yourself. Let’s start by discussing the benefits of cloud video surveillance for you as a security professional.  

  1. Lower risk of data loss 

Cloud video surveillance systems save video footage automatically through cloud storage, bypassing the limitations of physical recorders. As a result, if the recorders are damaged, or if they malfunction or fail in any way, the video footage can still be accessed since it is backed up in the cloud.  Additionally, some cloud providers offer local storage.  

2. Monitoring the health of a system 

Cloud video surveillance systems alert you to any issues with the video feeds or other components of the system sooner. Traditional video surveillance systems can also be used for this, but it is far more complex. Cloud Video Surveillance Systems Riverside CA you and your customers to immediately be informed if a camera goes down, thereby reducing downtime and increasing security. As a result, remote health checks are becoming increasingly important in the Covid-19 world, as getting to the site can be challenging.

3. Recurring monthly revenue stream

Cloud video surveillance provides security professionals with the ability to generate new streams of recurring monthly revenue (RMR) for their businesses. As a Videoloft partner, you’ll have the opportunity to white-label your video for free. Aside from the RMR opportunity, Videoloft can also eliminate the hassle of monthly subscription billing. Therefore, iWatcher Plus Cloud Video Surveillance Systems can manage your customers’ recurring payments and pay your commission at each renewal if that is your preference. You may also be invoiced for the wholesale price by Videoloft, and your customers will receive a charge.

 4. Allowing customers to request offsite storage

In addition, you can make cloud backup available to your customers upon request. Customers are beginning to recognize the benefits of the cloud when it comes to security. Cloud video surveillance providers like iWatcher Plus Cloud Video Surveillance Systems CA offer a variety of features, such as video analytics,  which can turn even basic CCTV systems into intelligent ones. Cloud computing is becoming more in demand, so you’ll likely be asked for it more often. Thus, the earlier you include it, the better.

 Benefits of cloud video surveillance for your customers

Cloud video surveillance also has many advantages for end-users as well as for security professionals. Let’s look at the most common examples.

 5. Remote access to all footage from a centralized location 

Cloud surveillance is convenient for customers because of its flexibility. From a smartphone, users can access live feeds as well as recorded video. From anywhere and at any time, they can access the footage at any time. Your customers can always monitor their cameras from anywhere, which is not only convenient for them but also reassuring. Playback of the video footage captured by the cameras is also made easy by cloud surveillance. Mobile users can download, share or replay motion events straight from the app. 

 6. Mobile applications that provide real-time alerts

You can alert your customers instantly if motion is detected on any of their cameras when using a cloud video surveillance system. Users can also set up zones for motion detection and adjust the sensitivity of cameras. Additionally, they can set up schedules for when cameras will record and when alerts will occur. Customers will also appreciate being able to control their cameras remotely using their smartphones.

 7. Scalability and flexibility 

Cloud-based video surveillance is more flexible than traditional security systems. The retention period can be easily changed if your customer requires more storage. According to their storage needs, it is as simple as upgrading (or downgrading) their plan. Additionally, cloud-based systems do not require extensive on-premise equipment. Hence, they are by their nature more scalable, and no complex installation is needed.

 8. Improved cybersecurity

It is actually quite the opposite of the common misconception that the cloud is not secure. Firstly, cloud video surveillance doesn’t require port forwarding, so a big security risk is eliminated. A service provider updates a cloud system continuously, whereas hardware is outdated when it leaves a factory. Cloud Surveillance System Riverside CA providers will be responsible for implementing additional security measures. Both you and your customer can rest assured that the footage is secure while in transit and at rest.

Five Important Benefits of Home Security Cameras

It wasn’t so long ago that installing surveillance equipment in your home as a measure of security was perceived as a drastic, costly undertaking. Today, with the affordability and accessibility of technology, NOT having any type of video surveillance installation is an odd decision to make as a homeowner. With technology advances (as well as significant cost reductions), video cameras have become much more affordable, as well as providing better recording capabilities.

Having Home Security Camera Riverside CA allows homeowners to see what is going on inside their homes at any time from virtually anywhere. We have outlined below a few reasons why having these surveillance cameras installed in your house is a wise move.

  1. Preventing crime

It’s dangerous to rely on dummy cameras since seasoned burglars can typically spot them from a mile away, even with a simple surveillance camera installed. If burglars recognize professional alarm systems that have cameras installed, they will usually abort their burglary attempt. Furthermore, if your house is broken into, the cameras will document the event, hopefully enabling you to capture the criminals and receive the goods back. In light of this, we will move on to our next point.

  1. Assistance to the police

The high-definition security cameras in your home will be able to record the incident if a burglary did occur. Video and images captured by police can be used to find the perpetrator, prevent future crimes, and retrieve stolen property.

  1. Keeping an eye on the family

You can also use security cameras to watch over your children while you’re at work, not just to protect the property. When a child gets out of school at mid-afternoon, working families are often faced with a challenge. The remote monitoring feature of a camera security system allows parents to keep an eye on their children from work.

  1. Don’t forget to look after your pets.

In the same way, you can keep an eye on your kids, you can keep an eye on your pets as well. There is no denying the importance of pets in many people’s lives, and leaving them home alone at times can be stressful and expensive. Your pets can be monitored from work with a professional security camera system.

  1. Insurance Benefits

In the event of burglary or theft, you will need to file an insurance claim. You can use a high-definition security camera to keep an eye on things. You can verify your insurance claim and document the incident with the footage. Additionally, a home security system can often allow you to save up to 20% on your home security.

CCTV Benefits for Businesses

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is an effective measure to enhance security at a business site as well as to improve efficiency and performance.

Learn more about the advantages of installing a commercial CCTV system for your business below.

Fraud Prevention 

The installation of a CCTV system will immediately deter criminals and theft. The purpose of breaking is to steal from a target that will not draw much attention to itself. As they won’t want to be caught on camera, they will move on to another target when they see a CCTV system installed.

Security cameras are effective for controlling theft from both the inside and the outside since they monitor all areas of the building.

Furthermore, the presence of security cameras inside your business premises will show intruders you are serious about security. According to a study by the College of Policing, CCTV systems in operating car parks have resulted in a 51% decrease in overall crime.

Inhibiting Vandalism 

It is possible to deter vandalism by installing a CCTV system. The criminals won’t commit a crime if they are caught on camera, so they will likely move on to a new target.

For maximum protection against vandalism, make sure your CCTV cameras are visible and cover the most important areas of your site if not all of them.

Provides evidence by using camera footage

Criminals can be identified and brought to justice with the help of a business CCTV system. The value of capturing an intruder on camera surpasses the mere sound of an alarm.

As a result, the footage of the camera will help identify wanted criminals as well as serve as evidence to the police.

Keeping track of employee performance

The installation of a CCTV system on your business premises is a great way to keep track of your employee’s performance. It provides a useful tool for tracking employee timekeeping and attendance when you are not on-site. You can also monitor if your employees behave professionally and appropriately with a CCTV system. This footage could even be used in customer training, showing examples of how or how not to act in the workplace.

Monitoring the safety of employees

Installing a CCTV system can help you monitor the safety of your employees. In addition to checking they are following safety procedures, especially if you aren’t present, you can also use the footage as evidence if there is an accident.

Visual Awareness of the Entire Facility

There is no way a person can be everywhere at once. CCTV systems can serve as an extra set of eyes for you. The moment your CCTV system is set up to cover your entire business premises, you will be able to access your whole site from a single device.

Get a better sense of control over your business by understanding what’s happening on a day-to-day basis. CCTV will allow you to observe what is going on in your business premises and identify areas of improvement, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Claims for insurance

When it comes to insurance claims, footage from your business’s CCTV system can be a great source of evidence. The ability to protect your business and employees is among the major benefits of having it installed.

Reducing the cost of insurance

CCTV systems can increase the security of your business, so you could benefit from lower insurance premiums by installing one. You experience a reduced cost due to your lower security risk, and therefore your CCTV system is an extremely cost-effective investment.

Having peace of mind

CCTV systems can offer you a sense of security by monitoring all areas of your business, and this is a benefit that should not be overlooked. By using an on-site security system, you can have peace of mind when you are away from the office or the business is closed; perhaps over the weekend, across holidays, or during Christmas.

Commercial CCTV Installation

CCTV systems for businesses are easy to install. Pick your system type, such as a wired or an unwired system, along with the type of components that you need. Monitoring is an option for commercial CCTV systems, as the latter allows for 24/7 monitoring of intrusions, suspicious activity, and technical issues.

With Commercial CCTV Installation Riverside CA, you get exceptional surveillance systems monitored 24/7/365 for a highly personalized customer experience. Click here to find out more.

Benefits of High-Speed Internet for Business

The Internet has become an integral part of almost every business. To run a successful business, you need fast internet access. Many small businesses choose the cheapest possible Internet service provider to decrease operating costs and increase profit margins.  Contrary to their expectations, they fail to realize that sacrificing internet speed is not going to improve productivity or other benefits associated with high-speed internet. Businesses of any size should invest in faster internet service, regardless of the number of employees. A faster internet connection offers the following benefits:

1. Increased Productivity

Productivity is lost when the internet is slow. The losses incurred on an annual basis would be enormous, but many entrepreneurs overlook this fact. In conclusion, a fast internet connection is always recommended from the point of view of businesses.

2. Reduced levels of stress

When your internet connection is slow, it is very frustrating to work. As a result, your employees will feel stressed if they sit at the computer for hours without getting any work done.

3. Faster Internet allows for more users

You can use the high-speed internet to connect many devices and users to the internet simultaneously and to carry out online tasks uninterrupted since you have more bandwidth.

4. Faster access to cloud resources

A powerful internet connection is needed to access applications and data that are hosted in the cloud for many of the latest business tools.

5. Improved security

Online security has become a priority for every business. Fast internet circuits provide protection against cybercrime and offer several other security advantages.

7. Reduced costs

Increased productivity can result in cost savings for businesses with a good broadband connection.

6. Improved communication and collaboration

Insufficient bandwidth undermines the ability of your employees to engage, coordinate, and communicate with their co-workers and business colleagues. Moreover, it may affect projects conducted between your business and collaborating companies.

7. Symmetric Speed

Internet speeds that are faster ensure symmetric broadband, meaning that uploads and downloads are the same. As a result, routine tasks are easier for employees to perform.

8. Latency issues

Local internet, particularly when downloading and uploading high-definition content, has many latency issues. Broadband or fiber-optic internet solves many of these.

In conclusion, regardless of what type of business you own, you will save time, avoid other hassles and headaches. Internet Business Solutions Riverside CA ensures that your business is running smoothly by using high-speed internet.